• I promise that I will:


      Be honest about the science and the community’s needs and best interests.


      Take responsibility for council’s actions, and proactively communicate my perspective.


      Increase the resilience of our community by supporting strategic initiatives around food, water and shelter.

    • A bit about me:

      Nathan is a 41-year-old father, tertiary educator and Invercargill resident.

      His career includes working as a Chartered Professional Engineer and entrepreneur. He has been involved in small business as a retrofit glazing installer and at various events with his mobile juice bar. He is the co-founder of the ‘Love Local’ charitable trust.


      Currently Nathan enjoys empowering our young people by teaching on the Engineering and Environmental Management degrees at SIT. He has a holistic knowledge of economic, energy and environmental matters, and loves listening and learning. He is stubbornly hopeful about the future for his two children, who are 9 and 11 years old, yet realistic about the challenges we face.


      He is a keen cyclist, getting out mountain biking when time permits. He loves the forest and the mountains and can occasionally be spotted tramping and hunting in Southland’s magnificent wilderness.


      A vote for Nathan is a vote for positive change, towards a significantly better future.


      A Safe and Secure drinking water supply, with Environment Southland working proactively with Invercargill City Council.

      Ensure clean, safe, reliable drinking water is delivered to Invercargill and Bluff.


      High nitrate levels have cost the city an extra treatment plant ($11.5M*), and continue to be a concern regarding the increased risk of colo-rectal cancer. Southland surface and ground water nitrate levels have continued to worsen over time, as have cancer rates**.


      The Oreti river nearly ran dry last year***, which would mean no water in town mains and your taps!

      An Alpine Fault earthquake will disrupt town water supply****. We must encourage water storage options as an Emergency Management initiative.






      Climate Change. 

      Future generations are relying on us to take strong action on climate change.

      We’ve seen these limits coming, now regional councils must act! The goal of net zero carbon by 2050 target will affect every aspect of our lives in New Zealand.


      I’m an advocate for 

      • Community resilience building -  supporting our people to recover well from crises such as natural disasters, economic shocks, etc.  
      • Regional food self-sufficiency - lets meet our own needs from within the region first! 
      • Targeted investments in our infrastructure - e.g water systems that address multiple drivers - distributed rainwater storage on a home by home basis, rather than a second supply into a network that would fail in a big earthquake.

      The sorts of changes that are indicated have many opportunities associated with them, and I want to be on council to ensure that the issues considered are not just the negative aspects.